Strengths of our Crew


Most if not all of our crew have been freelancing for many years or decades and therefore have worked on almost every genre of production. Some specialise and others are multi skilled.
Therefore this experience offered by our crew means there is someone to fill every aspect of production from TV drama, doco, corporate, reality TV, news, current affairs, music clips, live events/OB's and many more. You cannot underestimate experience which can be the difference to your production working smoothly or not.


All of our crew have a dedication and passion for their craft which they have chosen as their careers. They all take their work seriously and strive to improve and grow in their profession.
All have on set experience and know how to conduct themselves as particular members of a production crew. This includes respect for everybody on the crew especially heads of department. Diligence and enthusiasm is also part of our crew.


We employ the latest technologies on offer to book our crew and for our crew to let us know what they are up to. So at any given moment we know who is available and who is working. This means we can service the needs of your production faster and more accurately.

Need a Complete Crew?

We provide ENTIRE Crew Needs

  • Your Film/TV or Corporate Project needs a complete crew or those select crew members that are hard locate?
  • Let us take care of your crewing needs so you can focus on all the other creative and logistical elements of your project.
  • We receive many requests to crew a complete project as well as that single fully equipped Cinematographer and Sound Recordist.
  • Just call or email us with your brief and we can do the rest.
  • We are always budget conscious and will only book the crew with the experience level to meet the needs of YOUR projects.
  • Should your project brief change at short notice, further crew members are usually available within a practical timeframe.

Always Looking for New Crew

Things we understand

  • You need quality crew for your production.
  • We are contactable 24/7.
  • Experience counts.
  • We know and trust our crew.
  • We specialize on short notice jobs.

Crew Contributions

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News / Current Affairs  

Documentaries + Variety: